Brendan Irving

Artistic Athlete, Aerial Acrobat & Strength Coach

Brendan grew up in the Illawarra practising martial arts and training in dance from an early age. He relocated to Sydney in 2004 to study and graduate from both the Talent Development Project and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts. A growing obsession with the beauty and complexity of human movement led him to the Fitness Institute of Australia for further study and he has thrived on making the eastern suburbs of Sydney stronger and sexier since.

Now an accomplished professional aerial acrobat and a student of the Ido Portal Method, Brendan’s training focuses on enhancing the functional strength required for performance based movement. His specialised programs focus on method and form in pursuit of strength, mobility and movement quality.

Brendan is a proud Lululemon Athletica ambassador and founder of The Movement Academy.

Caitlin Cook

Hand to Hand Acrobat, Handstand Specialist & Gymnastics Coach

Caitlin trained competitive gymnastics for 15 years before leaving structure behind and finding circus! Along with experimental movement and dance, Caitlin focuses on hand to hand partner acrobatics and handstands. She also performs and coaches with partner Dane – together they are the electrifying pair known as Duo Die Acrobatics.

Using gymnastics based progressions and strength work, she loves training and sharing her knowledge with anyone who wants to move!

Caitlin holds a Gymnastics intermediate coaching qualification with GymNSW and is currently working towards a diploma in Sports Coaching and Recreation at the College of Sport and Fitness, Sydney.

David Helman

Pole Artist, Aerial Acrobat & Yoga Instructor

As a child, David Æon Helman trained with the Israeli Classical Ballet Centre and practiced yoga & meditation regularly whilst living on a yogic commune, becoming a fully qualified Sivananda Yoga instructor (200 hrs) at the age of 16.

David majored in acting and costume design from Ironi Aleph Art High, Israel, before migrating to Australia in 2006. It wasn’t long before his passion for performance was rekindled by aerial arts; training silks, sling, double hoop and trapeze. In 2010 David discovered pole dancing and began combining Chinese pole with classical and contemporary dance. David has performed and competed nationally and internationally and is a recognised pole dance champion.

David recently completed 500hrs of Sivananda Yoga teacher training, Master of Yoga, bodyART Level 1 training and FlyGym training. He strives to instil mindfulness in all his coaching methodologies so that his clients and students may lead a wholesome and strong life, inside and out.

Donna Mitchell

Professional Dancer & Progressive Ballet Coach

Donna began her professional training in England with the Royal Ballet’s Associate Programs. She graduated from Elmhurst Ballet School with a 3 year National Diploma in Classical and Contemporary Dance.

Having worked with the Birmingham Royal Ballet and Ballet Ireland, Donna explored further dance styles by training in London’s Pineapple Studios. Deciding to broaden her horizons, she travelled throughout Europe in major theatre productions and cruise ships, eventually landing in here Sydney, Australia.

Donna is currently a resident artist at Sydney’s Slide Lounge Risque Revue and a freelance ballet teacher in Sydney.

Karl Shore

Elite Gymnast, Professional Acrobat & Gymnastics Coach

Karl is an athlete, coach, educator and entertainer with an elite and vast background; he holds Advanced Silver Qualifications with Gymnastics Australia and 37 years of experience as an international gymnast, acrobat, tumbler, trampolinist and movement practitioner.

Karl’s love for gymnastics started at 5 years of age. He represented Australia over a long & successful competitive career winning numerous state, national and international championships including a World Championship Title.

Karl is passionate about movement education to create smart athletes and individuals who understand the physiological & psychological aspects of their training to gain ultimate control of their body. He and his partner Yvette Maher recently founded UrbanGymnast™; together they focus on teaching foundational, fundamental and functional gymnastic movements & skills built around the safest, most sound & cleanest techniques.

Navin Arden-Wood

Human Potential Explorer, Flow Lover & Strength Coach

Navin’s passion for coaching is driven by the exploration of exercises, systems and principles that lead to people becoming stronger, healthier and more functional.

In it’s many and glorious forms, movement is one of the main components of human health and Navin advocates that better movers make for healthier, more robust and more useful people. His purpose is to help people realise their potential via movement, nutrition and the mind-body connection; advancing them from where they are, to beyond where they think they can go, safely and progressively.

Navin’s love of movement was a natural evolution from growing up practicing a variety of sports and Martial Arts, which later progressed to a passion, talent and certification in Crossfit and Olympic Lifting. He has extensive experience in Barbell, Kettlebell, Clubbell and Gymnastics strength training and has completed his 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Power Living. Navin’s movement and mobility methods are heavily influenced by Ido Portal, Scott Sonnen and the MovNat method.

Renee Straumietis

Olympic Lifting Specialist, Crossfit Coach & All-Round Athlete

Renee has always been involved in competitive sports. A former state champion gymnast and National Age swimmer, she learnt how to be disciplined and committed from a young age.

After a back injury forced her to stop gymnastics, she discovered baseball, representing NSW and Australia in numerous World Cups and was the first female to play semi professional in Japan. She also found time to obtain a black belt in Wing Chun Kung Fu!

After winding up her baseball career, Renee was introduced to the functional based fitness movement of Crossfit and has never looked back. She not only coaches Crossfit but also participates at competition level.

As a coach, Renee is equally passionate in helping people achieve their goals towards an athletic event or for general fitness and wellbeing.

“It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable”… Socrates