Strength and conditioning for your shoulders, core and hips with a focus on static and dynamic stability and straight arm training.

Learn and master your skin the cat, lever, forearm-stand, meathook, arm-balance, hang, planche and flag.


Handstands are a never ending process!

Improve alignment, balance and shoulder girdle health, strengthen your core, condition your wrists and increase overall body awareness with individualised training and drills.


Gain confidence and power, increase mobility and bulletproof your trunk, hips and legs through focused strength sets, olympic lifts and barbell conditioning drills.

Prepare to squat, deadlift, clean, jerk, snatch, lunge, push, pistol, press and jump.


Classical ballet barre and centre work with a focus on precision, technique, control and body awareness.

Strengthen your entire architecture, increase extension whilst improving your flexibility, balance and musicality.


What’s getting in the way of your movement? Shoulder mobility? Pelvic tilt? Middle splits?

These classes will improve your architecture using specific drills designed to increase active range of motion, balance and stability.


Explore your inner potential and balance on Rings.

Develop a strong, functional and mobile body whilst discovering skilful movements including muscle-ups, kips, levers, planches, presses, shoulder stands, rolls, handstands and even the iron-cross!


Are you looking for freedom?

Free yourself from limitation and unleash your expression with mobility drills, inversions, animal patterns and freestyle play to gain balance, alignment and mastery of your movement. Your joints will love you for it!


Come and play with us!

Full body, calisthenics inspired metabolic conditioning to challenge your strength and endurance…

High intensity, sweaty fun!

“By nature, men are nearly alike; By practice, they get to be wide apart”… Confucius