More Classes… More Movement

More Classes… More Movement
December 28, 2015 The Movement Academy

We are so excited to release our 2016 timetable for your viewing/moving pleasure.

Not only are we running twice as many classes to get you moving in the new year, but we have also added an entirely new class… Playground!

“What is Playground?!?” I hear you ask in eager anticipation.

Playground is our calisthenics inspired, metabolic conditioning session guaranteed to challenge your strength and endurance. All of the high intensity fun you could ask for on a Saturday morning!

Playground kicks off on Saturday 23 January.

All of your other favourite classes recommence from Monday 4 January – that’s next week!

As usual, please book through MINDBODY to make sure we have space for you. And remember, although web bookings close 12 hours in advance, the awesome staff at Umbilico can book you in too. Just give them a call on 02 8068 5646.

We look forward to moving through 2016 with you.